my current nootropic stack (including medications, diet, etc)

By megabyteGhost •  Updated: 09/08/18 •  1 min read

I thought it would be of interest to you to share my current nootropic stack.

i'll do my best to remember to update this if/when it changes.

just a heads up but i'll probably set up some affiliate/referral links to products but as always, I only ever include those types of links for things that I personally recommend and use. I never recommend something just because they're paying me to. again, only things I personally recommend and use. I gotta pay the bills, yo.

what is a nootropic stack?

to keep this brief and to the point: nootropics are basically vitamins, minerals, etc, that you take a combination of (the stack) every day to improve brain power, usually productivity, focus, and energy.

if you want to know more, you can check out the psychonaut wiki page.

I don't generally need this when i want to focus on music, though you might. for me, sitting down to make music i easy because i love to do it. what i generally don't love to do is work on all the marketing materials and crap that i need to be a successful musician. so, for that stuff, i usually need this sort of focus, productivity, and energy help.

my current nootropic stack

my current nootropic stack includes:

that's it.

my current medications

at the risk of some sort of opsec faux pas i'm going to share what current medications I take as well, because it's obvious that they would interact with the nootropics, and many in the online community tend to skip over this part, which is very short sighted imho.

also, I fully believe we should normalize and openly discuss these things as to not let important health issues such as mental health get swept under the rug culturally.

prescription (rx) medications:

  • pantoprazole (40mg) - for chronic acid-reflux. taken once daily in the morning, when I wake up.
  • citalopram (20mg) - for anxiety+depression. taken once daily at night, before bed.

over-the-counter medications:

  • loratadine (10mg) - for allergies. taken once daily in the morning, when I wake up.
  • acetaminophen (650mg) - for arthritis and other bodily pains. taken as needed; not daily.

my current diet

just like with medication, it's clear that food (and drink) intake would affect how nootropics (and medications) interact with our biology.

I currently do not subscribe to any particular diet. I try to drink lots of water, little soda. I like teas as well. I don't drink much alcohol, if any. soda is definitely my weakness, particularly Coca-Cola. I love that shit.

I do eat meat but I try to eat more fruits and veggies these days. somewhat for ethical reasons. did you know that cows have best friends?

fast food happens sometimes but i'm trying to cut that out as much as possible.

as I've been studying buddhism, my goal is to eventually switch to a self-administered vegan diet, where I will eat non-vegan when it is offered to me, such as at a family dinner or a friend's house. this is for ethical reasons and respect to all life, but also respect of other people. I feel this is healthy balance between my personal respect for life without causing any social rifts. no one should feel obligated to change their diet for me.

I usually don't eat first thing in the morning.

my exercise regiment

exercise affects metabolism and other biological factors so it no doubt affects how nootropics are working.

currently, the only exercise I do is that I get up and take a walk about once an hour every week day while at the office.

my intoxicant intake

I don't really partake anymore, other than cbd oil almost daily.

I might have a beer every once in a while, but I usually opt for non-alcoholic beer.

I don't really enjoy marijuana much anymore, but will partake infrequently.

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