"I haven't played any of the Shadowrun games, but this is exactly what I imagine they sound like. Big cyberpunk energy." - Adam Gilmour of Dogs At Large

"It's the kind of music you hear in a sci-fi movie." - How to explain it to your grandparents.

"This is some real Silent Hill shit, man." - Guy at a party

"I really liked 'I Can't Find Her' There's something to it! I think the title also helps it as well, it puts you in a place of imagination while listening. Mixed also with it just being a good track itself of course. Good stuff" - Cory McCabe, Cory McCabe Films

"This is great, I'm still not over 'I Can't Find Her' from one of your last albums." - Leon (of Merveilles.Town)

"heavvvy" - stephen (of Merveilles.Town)

"I am seriously digging this." - The Gibson (of Hackers.Town)

"Years ago I was really into ant-zen / hymen / tympanik stuff and your release kinda reminds me of this vibe and makes me a bit nostalgic I like it." - signalToNoise (of Linernotes.Club)

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2018.09.12 - approaching utopia site launch

the new approaching utopia website is up now.

2018.07.26 - re-launch

the website has re-launched. lol.

2018.07.11 - new podcast

today i launched my new podcast, becoming a rockstar.

follow me on my journey from having a nine-to-five day job to being a full-time professional musician.

2018.07.10 - launch

the website has launched.

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